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Monday, 23 March 2009


AKILLIS yellow gold and diamonds bullet pendant in VOGUE PARIS April 09 issue

IKOU TSCHÜSS - scarves & dress in MIXTE April 09

IKOU TSCHÜSS scarves and knitted dress in MIXTE April 09 issue

GHADAH Couture - Portrait of Ghadah Al Rashid in MIXTE April 09

GHADAH Couture - Portrait of Ghadah Al Rashid in MIXTE April 09

AVRIL GAU - "Paddy" bag in GALA STYLE spring 09

AVRIL GAU "Paddy" handbag in GALA STYLE spring 09 issue


AVRIL GAU - "Bulle" bag in L'OFFICIEL special accessories April 09

AVRIL GAU "Bulle" handbag in L'OFFICIEL Special Accessories April 09 issue


GHADAH Couture - Portrait in VANITY FAIR ITALY march 09

GHADAH PARIS - Portrait of Ghadah Al Rashid in VANITY FAIR ITALY march 09


Grey gold Bullet pendant by AKILLIS in VOGUE HOMME INTERNATIONAL summer 09 issue


Wednesday, 11 March 2009

ALAIN QUILICI Shoe Designer - New at Public Image PR

ALAIN QUILICI winter 09 shoes collection marks the evolution of certain concepts from the debut collection and reasserts its unconventional style.

There is a futuristic feel inherited from the debut collection , but with a post-decadent twist. The shapes draw on the strong designs, like the wedge with side corners , the skate with incorporates platform sole and heel , and the rounded model with double pull-out heel.

-the roller skate from the previous collection becomes a close-toe ice skate boot , whose platform sole merges into the heel.

-the wedge with a short toe is covered with unique stitching and a scar-like side slits.

-the double pull-out heel ,with an outer covering of black leather on a rounded shape , recalls traditional English men's shoes such as Oxford's , in the form of ankle and knee boots.

Materials : matt calf skin and impermeable kangaroo leathers for wedges , glazed calf skin for the double heel with outer covering of black leather , drum tanned calf skin fo the roller ice skate boots, matt vegetable-tanned calf skin for the combat boots.

Colours : Black dominates , neutral colours include the dove grey of the worn look matt calf skin , the cold shades of white on the tanned leather and impermeable kangaroo to create vintage charm , and warm shades of white on the glazed calf skin , dark brown on the drum tanned leather .....

ALAIN QUILICI, Shoe designer:
A fan of cinema, art and design. A lover of travel as an expression of culture and an inexhaustible source of knowledge. Attracted by the infinite possibilities of the world, Alain Quilici is a visionary, curious spirit, continually seeking links with the inner self. His collections are the result of unconscious observation of the nature surrounding him, which comes to him in the shape of new stimulation that he processes and modifies along the way. Alain observes and elaborates relentlessly, analysing and recreating, to express a unique, personal style.

Transformation is the essence of his work. An ever-changing world that happily allows itself to be contaminated. Cinema, in the sense of the visionary representation of reality where anything may happen, has been a determining factor for the definition of his style. Contamination between humanity and technology leads to the representation of a post-decadent society, balanced between dreams and reality. Alain Quilici likes to describe his work as “post-grunge”, referring to a style that in its modernity hides and encloses a visionary, melancholic soul.

His passion for footwear first developed in the family company, where he started to work at a young age and gained a basic knowledge of the sector. His hands-on experience was enhanced by courses at Polimoda in Florence, where he studied pattern-making and fashion design. This was followed by a year of training at London College of Fashion and a year working in the industry at a well-known Paris trend studio, where he put into practice the notions he had acquired in menswear design. Curiosity and a strong impulse to explore led him to go on long journeys to numerous destinations. This provided him with various stimuli that soon forged his style. During his formative years, London became his adopted homeland, where he would always feel at ease even when, driven by curiosity, he researched new input by exploring distant cultures and places. He thus started out down a path towards new expressive methods that would inevitably condition his work as a designer. Japanese cinema in particular, as a form of visionary art, became a never-ending source of knowledge that allowed him to come closer to the concept of the inanimate human. Taking inspiration from oriental cinema, with special attention paid to Japanese anime, he developed a new sensitivity that identified in the apparent dichotomy of man and machine the starting point for new aesthetics.

In 2007, at the age of just 26, Alain Quilici created his first women’s footwear collection, strictly made in Italy. He chose to work with the world’s best patternmakers and most reputable leather producers. He followed each step of the production process personally, from selection of the finest materials to designing the patterns, right through to the choice of finishing details. The special, elaborated working of the product places Alainq footwear in a medium-high band of the market. The styles have been created for a woman of our times, someone who is looking for refined products, the result of study and innovation. She does not like pigeon-holing, and declares total independence with her style choices.

For any information or sample request please contact : everyone@publicimagepr.com