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Thursday, 31 May 2012

New: Yasmine Eslami x Kaori Ed

Paris based stylist and underwear designer Yasmine Eslami, has made her first creative collaboration with her friend artist Kaori Ed. Kaori is the muse of photographer Araki and is also a talented actress, model
and illustrator It seemed like the perfect idea for Kaori to imagine some embroidery for the
lingerie she would wear. Kaori drew a cat with big blue eyes and a pink bow to be embroidered on the YE classic bra Alice and matching thong in white swiss cotton.
The Alice Kaori bra comes in size 85, 90, 95, A/B/C and D, and the Alice Kaori thong in size 1, 2 and 3. All packed in a special box.

Photographer: Araki



Tuesday, 22 May 2012


CAST. A new eyewear label led by modern day muse Fahrani Empel. Like a journey into the heart of her name : FIRE. Burning like seven summer suns, Fa’s life is a beacon for the misfits and radicals alike. Burnt wings fallen through a rainbow that ended in a volcano. Challenging convention especially in her home country Indonesia, she has gained a global reputation as an intense creative force

A passion for the unique and bold, delivered to you as Of many creative endevours,one closest to her heart is a project campaigning to saveBorneo’s rainforest and its native people, The Dayaks. Life and breath of this jungle extend to our own planet. Alongside Fa’s relentless contribution, Cast is producing a range of 50 individual pairs in one of a kind acetates, dedicating a percentage of sales to conserving the indigenous and wildlife of Borneo. No one else will own the same pair of these glasses, but we all own this world.

X cast.



  Thomas Bambagioni was born in Florence Italy in September

By 2009 Thomas started to develop a passionate interest in high end directional accessories, culminating with the creation of his own collection - Thomas Blakk - launched in Florence in January 2011. Starting from a unique conceptual viewpoint, Thomas explored his ideas for the modern bag, examining how they are worn and their profound role in women's lives today. Thomas attempted to create something that was not yet present in the market place, but also a bag that spoke for itself and imbued an attitude and aura to the person adorning IT.

Geometric shapes and stark color are the main elements for the debut AW 11 collection. Collaborating with interior product designer Bahbak Hashami Nezad. Thomas created a dark and edgy collection with photo shoots and display installation inspired by pop culture, new music and high-end craftsmanship. For his launch collection Thomas focused on the color Black, a color that the designer feels represents an absolute certainty and timelessness in fashion.
The next chapter in the Thomas Blakk story is yet to be written, with a critically acclaimed first season the emerging designer is focusing on creating a solid and viable future from his bold creativity, innovative and ambitious approach.



LAURENCEAIRLINE is a fashion label based out of Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, the hometown of our LAURENCEAIRLINE’s chief designer, Laurence Chauvin Buthaud. The concept that “fashion and ethnic cultures can successfully collaborate to create possibilities for the future” is the driving force behind this line and also provides a vehicle for creating job opportunities in Abidjan amidst the aftermath of the humanitarian and political crisis in the Ivory Coast. 

LAURENCEAIRLINE’s SS12 menswear collection entitled “ABIDJAN” featured shirts and underwear composed of brilliantly colored poplin, chambray, and wax cotton fabrics which displayed an aesthetic similar to that of traditional African wear. 

LAURENCEAIRLINE's AW12/13 collection has expanded this season into pants and scarves in order to fully furnish the dressing room of the freedom-loving modern dandy.

LAURENCEAIRLINE brings beauty and hope to a land that has been impacted by pain and despair and has thus earned the good good seal of approval. Please let us know if we could arrant an appointment in Paris soon so you could get our collection for MARCH 2012 !


Thursday, 17 May 2012

News: The Loser Project

Simplicity, usefulness, durability, design and quality make up the philosophy behind The Loser Project, producing hand made leather goods under the supervision of its creative director, Rui Duarte. The bags distinctive production method has been taken from traditional naval construction, designed especially for freight shipping and been adapted to fit a smaller format. This ensures extreme durability and high performance whilst avoiding the need to glue and/or sew.


The materials used have all been hand selected to ensure the highest quality. The leather undergoes a specific treatment (dyeing, branding and washing process) in order to fulfil the high standards and is subject to permanent supervision down to the last step of production. Zips and studs are made from high end materials (gold, silver, copper...) and are produced exclusively for the manufacturing. This attention to detail guarentees an unmistakable and distintive final product.

The overall aesthetic is drawn heavily from the Bauhaus school of design, this reference is not solely confined to bags and leather goods but also forms the leitmotiv of the apparel, shoes and accessories. 

More informations at Public Image PR

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

News: ISABEL BENENATO Fall/Winter 2012-13


Rigorous and without hesitation, women's and men's collections AW 2012-13 conveys modern minimalism, the same as the colors: black, white and natural tones.  Isabel Benenato proposes all natural yarns: cashmere and silk, alpaca, yak and mohair interpreted in various forms and gauges. The garments are concrete and are free of any extra decoration. A mix of knit and leather that evolve harmoniously time after time with vigor. 
More informations at Public Image Pr.