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Wednesday, 28 October 2009

New at Public Image PR : SANSOVINO 6

Sansovino6 was created in spring summer 2003. The collection was launched in a period when businesses were stable and optimistic creativity was in the air. With the economy spiraling and manufacturing “made in Italy” slowing down, the factory had been forced to consider new options in order to stay afloat. The Spring Summer 2010 collection was created due to the necessity of moving forward. With a history of creating quality luxury knitwear for 40 years, there was no other possibility but to find a formula that would assist in building an internal structure and a window to display the incredible workmanship of this company.

Creative director Edward Buchanan has collaborated with Silvana Galbusera, the owner SPRAI srl who manufacturers and distributes Sansovino6 since he was the design director of Bottega Veneta 14 years ago. This collaboration is a true testament to their past collaborations, as well as, a mutual appreciation for each others craft and expertise. With very little preparation time Edward has created a collection by recycling yarns and materials from past collections. The collection is a capsule of essential knitwear.

Chill, take it all in with ease. The collection combines leisure with intricate detailing that speaks for the potential and expertise of Sansovino6. The shapes are based on local items that exist in an everyday wardrobe in woven materials that are translated into fine-gauged knits and sweaters. A military vest that would be in rigid cotton becomes a soft draped linen mélange gilet with the same detailing. Classic pleated trousers are translated into elegant pajamas with that are man tailored. The color palate is local shades of grey mélange, black, slate and beige, with hints of blush and pink. Combining textures and weights through using basic points and gauges with more intricate jacquard cables is a hallmark of the collection. The shapes are generous and sensuous in the same moment. The collection speaks to the ambiguity within. A woman will find the shapes feminine and languid, and the Man will find the items easy for everyday travel.
T-shirts, jackets, light weight ribbed pullovers, and featherweight scarves in Linen. Sansovino6 offers a sophistication that can be combined within the existing wardrobes of us all.

Beyond chic.

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