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Thursday, 17 May 2012

News: The Loser Project

Simplicity, usefulness, durability, design and quality make up the philosophy behind The Loser Project, producing hand made leather goods under the supervision of its creative director, Rui Duarte. The bags distinctive production method has been taken from traditional naval construction, designed especially for freight shipping and been adapted to fit a smaller format. This ensures extreme durability and high performance whilst avoiding the need to glue and/or sew.


The materials used have all been hand selected to ensure the highest quality. The leather undergoes a specific treatment (dyeing, branding and washing process) in order to fulfil the high standards and is subject to permanent supervision down to the last step of production. Zips and studs are made from high end materials (gold, silver, copper...) and are produced exclusively for the manufacturing. This attention to detail guarentees an unmistakable and distintive final product.

The overall aesthetic is drawn heavily from the Bauhaus school of design, this reference is not solely confined to bags and leather goods but also forms the leitmotiv of the apparel, shoes and accessories. 

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